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WoodyKnows Nasal Dilators for Nasal Congestion Snoring and Sleep Apnea Relief Gently opens up nasal passages from within for easier breathing Relieves cold & allergy nasal congestion and snoring; provides clearer breathing for deviated septums Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit with soft medical-grade plastic BPA- and Phthalate-free Securely stays in place for fuss-free sleep; adhesive-free design does not irritate skin as with nasal strips Drug-free relief reusable for up to 30 days per dilator Why Choose WoodyKnows Nasal Dilators? - Adhesive-free design does not irritate skin as with nasal strips - Advanced two-part-plug-in structure. The dilators are gentle and do not hurt the nose while the connector is firm and sits securely in nose for fuss-free sleep - Go deeper in the nasal passage than other dilators due to natural shape and slanted posture so it can open the nose effectively without any discomfort - Ultra thin flexible and natural shape dilators for comfort and fit - Discreet invisible design - Does not impact nose hairs - Drug-free relief Select Your Size Small: Child or small adult nose Medium: Medium adult nose Large: Large adult nose * Recommend ordering the S/ M/ L multi-pack if you have never used the product before because size does make a difference. Others: - When removing the dilator do not pull the center connector forcibly. If disconnected the inserted parts may become difficult to remove - To block pollen and PM 20 dust for allergy relief please search WoodyKnows on this website for WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable nasal filters - To block even smaller PM 2. 5 particles and germs please search WoodyKnows on this website for WoodyKnows Super Defense nasal filters Woody Knows Your Nose.
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